You know how for some people a family heirloom might be a piece of flashy jewelry or an odd-looking lamp that everybody hopes is worth something (but never is)?

Well we got lucky.

OUR family heirloom isn't shiny or dusty… though it sure is sweet. It’s a special recipe for authentic Czechoslovakian pastries, first brought to Texas by our great-grandmother in 1918. She and our great-grandpa Zamykal raised 5 daughters here, and taught them each the magic behind making mouthwatering kolaches. Then our Great Aunt Agnes passed the recipe down to her niece Jody Powers, all from memory of course! Jody took that treasure and ran with it, perfecting it into the recipe that we know today as Zamykal Gourmet Kolaches served at her own shop in Calvert, TX (where she taught her twin sister Jude Routh the secret family recipe too.)

Sadly, in 2015 Jody’s life was cut short by Multiple Myeloma, a rare blood cancer. Yet even though she’s not with us today, her playful spirit lives on through every Zamykal Product we offer. And nowadays, her sister Jude is training the next generation to bake these award-winning recipes that you can enjoy. We may have a new look to us, and we may no longer be in Calvert, but our heart-felt tradition of generations is just as delicious as it’s been since 1918. We hope our family recipe can help bring people together as much as it’s brought our family together too.

See mom in action


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Monday-Friday: 6am-2pm

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We are located at the corner of Knoll Trail and Keller Springs Road between Liberty Burger and Dough Bros. Pizza